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This is what students liked about Aiki Extended 2016

Andy Cumming said:


The variety, openness and courage of the teachers show what they believe to other experienced teachers outside of their immediate group.

The willingness to listen and try new ideas of the participants.

Britta Kleinsorge said:

It was an amazing number of people of very different backgrounds you got together and it was good to see them all in one place.


For the sessions I was able to attend there was some common thread (even though it may not have intentionally planned like this).

Chris Brossard said:

Everything!  Loved all the people and all their different ways of seeing and doing Aikido, or not even Aikido.

Richard Small said:

People friendly

Humble teachers

Useful learning

Kind family making lunch

Sense of trust and helpfulness.

Some excellent teachers.

Shari Khan said

The variety of workshops on offer and that all/most were repeated

The venue

The respect that was shown to all irrespective of experience

It really was a wonderful experience Quentin

Piers Cooke said:

The high quality teaching

Workshops you could go to that were interesting but allowed you to take a physical break

It was snappy, no long unnecessary breaks or  faffing around

Good organisation

Ability to socialise after training

Morag Warrack said:

Meeting inspirational people from around the world; trying different approaches to aikido;

Linking aikido closely to our behaviour/politics/psychology/business etc-fascinating & valuable stuff!

Having a choice of talk- or talk & do-or active aikido sessions

Jake Birkett said:

Making friends!

Wide variety of great teachers and topics including non-Aikido activities such as Tai Chi, Alexander Technique, back/hip stretches etc. Though the focus was still mainly Aikido so I felt the balance was right.

Well organised BBQ and lunches (much appreciated)

Good time-keeping.


Good pre-course comms.

Paul Diamond said:

Great teachers, great ‘subject matter expertise’, great diversity (of backgrounds, nationalities, abilities. Fantastic people all round. Fresh, tasty food.
The contribution of everyone who helped/volunteered (e.g. to make lunch, provide lifts, tidy up) is always underappreciated, so please let these people know that they are greatly valued and appreciated.

           Contact - Quentin Cooke, 16 Low Road, Burwell, Cambridgeshire. CB25 0EJ   -   Tel. 07802 857 150 



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